General Information & Rules of the Rave

  • Please remember that you remain 100% responsible for your children at all times!!
  • Our events are aimed at 0-8 year old's, however older children are always welcome.
  • All adults need to be accompanied by children to enter the event.
  • Safety - The venue will be busy with a limited amount of seating. We advise parents of young babies to wear a sling particularly on the dance-floor. 
  • Please no running or rowdy behaviour (this includes parents) ;)
  • Buggie park - There will be a designated area for buggies although we do encourage parents to come without where possible. 
  • Photography/Video - There will be photographers at the events, some shots will be used for publicity. Please inform a member of staff if you do not want your little ones to be photographed.
  • Alcoholic drinks should never be left unattended! 
  • TPHP raves are standing/dancing events, therefore there will be limited seating. The venue will be busy but an area will be provided for chilling out.
  • We advise parents of young children to wear a baby sling, particularity on the dance-floor.
  • Sound - Sound levels are monitored throughout the event. To ensure that the recommended sound level for children is not exceeded.
  • DJ's -  We have welcomed some of Manchester's top DJ's to our raves - Lil Fee (The Whip) Jason Boardman (Aficionado) Veba (Grand Central) DJ Pin, DJ Billabong, DJ Kieran Lee.... We only select underground DJ's that play house, techno, drum & bass, jungle and hip hop. 
  • Alcoholic drinks should not be left unattended.